Friday, December 12, 2008

Mutoid Mechanical Monsters In Action

Back to Mutate Britain show - again - one of those rare shows that sustains repeated visits. All the key sculptural elements familiar from earlier visits (and blog blurgghhhs!) remain in place. Jibbering Arts have an awesome selection of work by street artists from outside London and Auction Sabateur has curated a room, but the main point in writing is to share a couple of camera clips of Larry the mechanoid half Mad Max, half wallace and gommit beast in action, in close up.

This first clip is a slightly wider shot, excuse Lyle the driver while he gets off to lure the hapless camera holder in close then gives him the full fire breathing phenomenon! (turning the vol down for the first 5 seconds - highly recommended; and excuse the first few seconds of camera wobble, it kind of settles down. Kind of.)

This second clip shows Lyle rocking those knobs and levers whilst LRRY-1, to give the beast its proper name, seems to decide to do its own thing:

Sadly a bunch of pics from two visits seem to have gone missing in the big C drive jpg munching folder, so it seems like another trip back there will be required, happy days!

In case you have missed it, there was an earlier blurggh here from a week or so back looking at sculptural Joe Rush stuff (is my memory correct, was he wearing a pink teddyboy suit last Thursday?).

There are also some photos here.

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